Titan Paperless

Please think before you print

Here at Titan Yachts, we embraced the vision of a paperless organization, from the first sketch to the delivery of the boat.

Our development phase is fully paperlessand we agreed to ban the use of printed brochures & catalogs during the boat show.

We own our secure encripted servers that make our work place more sustainable and, in addition, permit remote & smart working practise.

This ensures that all the information regarding your Titan Yacht boat are acessible online and always updated.

We prevent our customer from storing paper, help them in saving space and making the documentation available also from the marina and onboard.

When the applicable regulations require us to hand over printed material to the customer we use recycled paper.

As demanded by the One Ocean Fundation in the Charta Smeralda we “minimize the use of natural resources and favour recycling”

Even though this may imply an extra effort for the less technological savvy, we sincerely believe that going paperless will benefit the environment, and we encourage our suppliers and other shipyards to adopt similar procedures.

A big thank you from the environment.