«Daylight elegance, nigh-time magnificence»

The Light-Art is an art form that emerges from the manipulation of light, color and shadow. One of the pillars of the Titan Yachts design.

Humanity has setted his biological clock to the rithm of nature, following the change of season and the alternation of day and night.

What’s the point in owning an immutable boat that cannot suits our broad spectrum of emotions?

Inspired by the nature, and the cicardian cycle, we came up with the LightYachts solution.


Wisely mixing our four main elements (colors, lights, shapes and spaces) we are able to draw different moods and sensations on our boats.

Titan Yachts design wants to highight the difference between the daylight use from the nighttime’s, when the LED illumination became a protagonist.

We aim to be elegant during the day and magnificent during the night time.

A wide range of unique colors has been chosen, in order to offer our customers the opportunity to accentuates the lines and add life to their boats.

The visual identity of Titan Yachts is the result of this philosophy.